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    The duck boot is in vogue again. How can you tell? A slew of outfits from Marc Jacobs to Sears are pushing the boot this season—tweaking their own offerings of the classic, some to catastrophic proportions. For the prep-set, it matters not. We lace up our Bean Boots every year in rain, sleet and snow, regardless of whether or not GQ has given the boots their seasonal blessing. And when the chain-link tread wears smooth, L.L. Bean simply resoles them (approximately $50 including s&h)—allowing for the leather uppers to continually age with you.

    Photographed in Fort Worth, TX

    L.L. Bean has kept the look of their Bean Boot virtually the same since 1912. That’s part of the charm. It’s the bedrock of this American classic. Although the 10” and 8” boot are shown here, I prefer the 8” boot due to its similar silhouette to a regular boot. (L.L. Bean, $84). Check out how they’re made—still in Maine.

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    Rodlie left a comment on 12/15/2011 at 11:10 PM:

    do you have any pics of how you wear these with pants?

    C left a comment on 4/24/2011 at 6:40 PM:

    I’ve heard that the men’s bean boots are getting shabbier, i.e. falling apart when brand new.


    Do you think this is a one-off case or that L.L. Bean’s quality control has taken a hit?

    Amelia left a comment on 12/6/2010 at 4:28 PM:

    I just got a new pair of brown bean boots with the shearling and I’m excited to wear them tomorrow and I was wondering if there’s a special way to lace them and what does everyone else do with their laces because mine seem short.

    F.E. Castleberry left a comment on 11/18/2010 at 2:50 PM:

    Dan—The 8” boot sans Thinsulate is still a solid choice to keep your feet warm when paired with wool socks.

    Dan left a comment on 11/18/2010 at 1:59 AM:

    I would like to get the 8” ones with Thinsulate, however they do not offer them in the brown. are the 8” boots without Thinsulate still a solid choice/keep your feet warm?

    F.E. Castleberry left a comment on 10/28/2010 at 3:13 PM:

    @Aaron—The tan is certainly the more traditional boot; however, I have enjoyed the brown immensely.  Both are quite versatile but the tan would transition more easily into spring showers.

    Aaron left a comment on 10/28/2010 at 2:59 PM:

    Hi Fred. I am about to get a pair of duck boots. I’m on the fence between the brown ones or the tan ones. What do you suggest is more versatile?

    Abdullah left a comment on 1/16/2010 at 9:43 AM:

    These have been my go to boots for years. The originals and still the best. I like the mocs too.

    James left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 11:18 PM:

    I bought my first pair this month.  I’ve experienced rain and now I look forward to the first snow…Saturday, here I come!!

    Memphis88 left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 7:26 PM:

    They are slippery on ice but I do love mine. They are great overall.

    F.E. Castleberry left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 3:08 PM:

    L.A.S—You are welcome friend. It was my pleasure.

    Kidelo—The chainlink tread has proven effective in my experience. Were you on ice perhaps?

    Mike—Just put the boots without Thinsulate or shearling on your Christmas wish list. I know it rains in Atlanta…Bean Boots would be a good excuse to keep your feet dry.

    Toad—Yes, they will repair…up to four times I believe (as long as they are able to do so without compromising the quality of the boot).

    Toad left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 12:35 PM:

    Somehow these have always felt just right.  I wasn’t aware bean would repair them though.  Thanks for the tip.

    Mike Hall left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 12:34 PM:

    I’ve always wanted a pair of these. You’ve inspired me to add these to my Christmas wish-list. Now to just find some colder weather than we have in Atlanta to make good use of them!

    Kidelo left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 12:32 PM:

    Almost bought a pair of these a few weeks ago…until I remembered the winter I spent wearing them. I spent 75% of the time in the snow on my ass.

    Sunday Ibok left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 11:53 AM:

    I’m totally wearing my L.L. Beans today to keep the New York artic chill out. Just ducking along.

    L.A.S left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 11:53 AM:

    This looks strangely familiar, Hahaha. Thanks again for helping me out Fred.

    Matthew left a comment on 12/18/2009 at 11:26 AM:

    Great video.  Those boots are amazing, and perfect for the end of the winter and Canadian springs.  Great blog.