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    You don’t need tenure at Ole Miss to experiment with seersucker. It comes in all kinds of snazzy colors and patterns these days. Ignore them and stick with the classic seersucker stripe--pale blue and off-white--which is classic for a reason. When narrowly cut and emblazoned with a mock collegiate crest, pair it with a collared shirt and knee-length shorts, and you’ve got a stylish variation on the Old South classic, not a costume.

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    Joseph left a comment on 4/27/2012 at 2:28 PM:

    I think garnet & gold is rlaely a great color combination. However, I’ve got a rugby shirt from J Crew from several years back that is rlaely nice and is in these colors, but I literally cannot wear it without getting at least one comment about Harry Potter/Hogwarts. It’s pretty annoying.

    Will left a comment on 3/31/2012 at 12:44 PM:

    Oh, absolutely. A fantastic look to any yacht club party or an afternoon on the lawn of a friends summer house. As any true prep should know, the two go together just smashingly in warmer months. Personally I prefer the darker madras plaid sport coat/jacket on top with the lighter seersucker short or trouser on the bottom. Reason being it appears to slim the male physique just a bit. But try both ways and see what personally looks good on you. But a definite thumbs up on mixing the two patterns. Try a white suede buck (sockless) or a Sperry topsider for your footwear. Happy summer! Will.

    Paul Stillman left a comment on 2/21/2012 at 12:31 PM:

    Has anyone ever paired a seersucker jacket with madras shorts or paired a madras jacket with seersucker shorts?  Thank you.