• Gant Rugger F/W 2010


    Although summer is in the air, fall/winter collections are hitting the ground. I popped into Gant Rugger’s new shop on Bleecker St. in New York’s West Village last week to check out their much anticipated offering by head designer Christopher Bastin. The flagship has only been open for two and a half weeks; yet, select pieces from their fall/winter 2010 line are already being showcased in store. Below are some of my favorite looks and pieces to come.

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    Chris left a comment on 6/2/2010 at 6:48 AM:

    Happy trails and big up for the nice review!
    We love you.

    TRAVIS left a comment on 5/24/2010 at 12:11 AM:

    Awesome coverage. I love what looks like a Norwegian fishing sweater. And I wouldn’t mind that yellow rain slicker. Maybe even both of them together! Some of it looks like Caulfield Preparatory or even the new L.L. Bean line, though there are some great pieces that it seems everyone likes.


    bunny left a comment on 5/21/2010 at 8:10 PM:

    it’s all cute. love that plaid lining…and the rw&b sweater is adorable.

    JRS left a comment on 5/21/2010 at 4:43 PM:

    That navy and cream sweater is great…got to find that one.

    Gant Rugger left a comment on 5/21/2010 at 11:06 AM:

    We offer over the phone orders. Please call us at 212.620.5949

    K. Nights left a comment on 5/21/2010 at 2:32 AM:

    So awesome. I really wanted some stuff from their spring collection but I don’t live in New York.

    Jack left a comment on 5/20/2010 at 7:57 PM:

    I like yellow raincoat.

    Richard Ross left a comment on 5/20/2010 at 4:32 PM:

    I mean, can it get any better than that red white and blue sweater? I am also loving that “pie crust” patterned sweater.

    JoeG left a comment on 5/20/2010 at 4:08 PM:

    Is this stuff only available in store?

    Justin James left a comment on 5/20/2010 at 3:50 PM:

    Looks like a promising collection. A couple sweaters might be a staple in my wardrobe this fall.

    The Boss left a comment on 5/20/2010 at 1:15 PM:

    The sweater third from the bottom is top drawer. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that.