• Robert Pattinson


    Image via Vanity Fair

    He’s been anointed the successor of Leo-mania (circa Titanic) by 13-year-old girls worldwide (and strangely, grown women too)—not as a stowaway but as a blood sucking vampire who glistens in the sun. But Robert Pattinson almost didn’t get the $10 million vampire gig. The director had all but given up trying to nail down a leading man with the otherworldly beauty and acting chops to pull off the role of Edward. But then they began scouring the archives of Harry Potter for any lean, pale kid believable enough to pass as a vampire. Pattinson, who had just told his parents that he was quitting acting to take his music seriously (aka performing with a guitar in bars), got a call. A reluctant film franchise heartthrob was born.

    Twilight, at best, is forgettable (I have no plans of seeing New Moon); however, Pattinson is photographed by Bruce Weber wearing a shawl collar Ralph Lauren Purple Label cable knit sweater—thus the cultural relevance.

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    Delia left a comment on 7/9/2010 at 6:58 PM:

    LOL! I just discovered your blog today (thank you Kiel James Patrick!), and I have to say, you’re just awesome. And I agree… not in the mood to see any other of the Twilight movies, but love this picture.

    Percival Devante left a comment on 12/26/2009 at 5:02 PM:

    I think you’ll find New Moon was far better, though still not adequate given the massive fan base of the books. I certainly see Pattinson as someone to follow in the realm of prep culture and dandyism. Despite his carefree disregard for hygiene he unquestionably has the style and popularity necessary to start tends. I’m interested to see where he takes it, assuming he will.