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    It's five o'clock and we have just ordered a two pound lobster. Carl and I, beyond a bit peckish, carry on debating the merits of five pounders. The bigger the better, right? Conventional American wisdom would think so. But not so with these crustaceans. The young man dropping off our beers chips in his two cents. We listen up. After all, he's the only one out of the three of us that has actually eaten a five pound lobster.

    It turns out, the meat tastes different. To a lobster connoisseur, significantly different. A little tougher...not as tender as a two pounder. In a world of the up-sell, we're delighted and surprised with his candid disposition. It's refreshing and rivals the sweating Modelo Especials freezing our brains.

    The Nantucket Lobster Trap has been serving up stuffed and boiled lobster for nearly four decades now. Locally owned and operated by the Brothers Weldon (there's three of them), it is a Nantucket staple. You'd come to expect any kitchen right on the water to serve up the freshest seafood. "The Trap" does not disappoint. They house two gigantic salt water tanks in the back that keep your lobster alive up until the moment you order. All you have to do is decide if you're up for two pounds or five.

    The Nantucket Lobster Trap
    23 Washington Street
    Nantucket, MA 02554

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