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    I have a friend with a Type A personality who says, “I adore spontaneity…providing it is carefully planned.” Oxymoron? Perhaps. But I get it. Weekend getaways need practical itineraries.

    I recently picked up The New York Times, 36 Hours, USA & Canada: Northeast for the nightstand in my guest bedroom. The unconventional guidebook takes readers on a carefully researched, uniquely designed two-night excursion to an embraceable place in the Northeast. It’s perfect for the uninitiated, the revolving door of guests I host…and my friend. What exactly can you do when you have three days in the Northeast? Everything from checking out the Brooklyn music scene at Union Pool to picking up used vinyl at Princeton’s Record Exchange to strolling Newport’s Cliff Walk (I can personally vouch for all three). Although absent from the book, drop by Noch’s (Pinocchio’s) for a slice if you’re in Cambridge. The Winklevoss twins introduced me to the hole-in-the-wall institution that’s been feeding Harvard students for over 30 years. It’s still one of the best sicilian slices I’ve ever had.

    Consider this a spontaneity manual. From Brooklyn to Bar Harbor, 36 Hours lays out 31 different well-plotted itineraries exploring the possibilities of the Northeastern weekend getaway. Pick a town you’ve always wanted to visit, randomly flip to one, or throw a dart at ‘em—but book a ticket and just leave.

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    First time commenter, biggest fan. I follow everything you do and frankly think you’re brilliant.

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    I love these books!

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    That’s like fabulous!

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    Great addition!

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    I love Union Pool.

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    Fred…...your taste level gives me chills. I love this idea.