How Microsoft PCs Turned The Tide In Their Favor

We all know that technology is evolving. Hence, saying that the technology decades ago are outdated is an understatement. Let me borrow a quote from Belle of Disney fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, “it’s absolutely primeval” aptly describes gadgets older than ten years. Not only are their specifications not up to par with the demands of the times but the graphics and many other exterior features aren’t that appealing either.

Microsoft has its fair share of struggles in the world of business. They may have made millions developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling PC software and other PC-related goods and services to other PC companies but their own foray into selling their own PC line wasn’t also well received by the public. They lost hundreds of millions of dollars for all the Surface computers they weren’t able to sell, which was made worse by their Nokia acquisition …

Smoking Black Friday: Bongs, Water Pipes, Dab Rigs And More!

Alright, so it’s Black Friday week. Which is stupid, of course, as Black Friday is supposed to be a DAY, and not a week, but what can you do?

I’ll tell you what you can do… You can go save yourself a whack of cash. Simple, easy as pie. Get out there and save, or even better, just surf the web – let’s let the suckers troll the malls for crappy gear.

Each year, I try to do a Black Friday sales special, and this year is absolutely no exception. This year, we take one of my favorite things of the year (smoking and dabbing, of course), and find the sale on the coolest, best looking smoking devices and bongs available. So, we have Thick Ass Glass.

A Little About TAG

Thick Ass Glass, or TAG as they are also called, are one of the best online headshops around. These guys literally have the cleanest set of water pipes and bongs on the web, but the most important point to make is that these are all heavy glass bongs. Like, if someone breaks into your house, pick up your TAG bong and hit them with it. It’s practically a guarantee that the bong survives.

Basic fact: TAG tends to have water pipes that are made with AT LEAST 5mm thick glass, with some pieces using 7, 9, 12 and 14mm glass! What this means is that the key bugaboo for virtually any smoker, i.e. breaking your bong during a session, is virtually nonexistent. That’s right, you literally have to try as hard as possible to break a Thick Ass Glass water pipe or dab rig. I kid you not, as I’ve owned many of their pieces for years, and no matter the drop, the glass pipes these dudes make just live on.

At any rate, TAG is having a huge Black Friday sale… that means like 30% off of everything in the store (and this is a very low priced store to begin with!). So I thought I’d take a look at a few of their winners. Let’s start with…

Cheap Water Pipes And Bongs

We all have different tastes, I know, but I’m more of a flower guy than a dab guy. So my bong picks are ones that I frankly will be selecting from when I give myself my annual Christmas gift (can’t exactly ask my Mom for a bong, now can I?). TAG’s huge bong collection is here. Here are my top 3 picks:

TAG 14" Beaker Bong1. The TAG 14″ Beaker Bong – Yep, it’s a classic. Nothing brings me back to the good ol’ days like this classic beaker water pipe, a throwback to the time when clear scientific glass was king, and everything wasn’t some kind of brutal tie-dye hippie-dippy design. This bong is a beauty in terms of minimalism, and foregoes one of TAG’s main skills – that being percolators. Instead, you get a classic diffusing downstem, and some of the thickest glass (9mm) I’ve ever seen in this style of beaker water pipe. This one is top of my list, and I may be picking it up sooner than later!

2. The 16″ Double Honeycomb To Spinning Splashguard – This thing is an absolute beast of percolation power. Not only are we talking about a 16″ tall mega bong – we are also talking 7mm glass with a 15mm base. That is some practically unbreakable bong action right there, friends, and the smoothness of the hits is virtually guaranteed. Honeycomb percs are easily a favorite of mine (they also do a few fritted disc classics as well), and the spinning splashguard can provide quite a show. But don’t believe me… watch the video below, man!

3. The 12″ Single Honeycomb To Fixed 8 Arm Tree – OK, so this one sports a spinning splashguard as well, meaning three percs for a bong that comes to under $100. This is a winner for those that like their water pipes smaller, but still a good size. The glass is a little thinner here at 4mm, but come on, folks! Not only is it an amazing 14mm jointed piece, it can be had with colored glass accents for only 80ish dollars. What’s not to love here?

The Growing Popularity Of Online Shopping

Technology rules the world today. You use various tech gadgets in your every move and that is simply how society works now. Along with its progress is the rise of online shopping. Why exert more effort into going to malls and spending hours of your precious time trying on clothes or shoes when you can simply purchase one with the click of a button. You no longer also have to make do with whatever options there are in the store when you can hop from one online shop to another regardless of the store’s physical location and have more options. You can even have your items shipped to your home even free of shipping and handling fees for a minimum purchase.

By shopping online, you save from the extra expense of gas or transportation and all the consequential expenses a trip to the mall includes like food or snacks, impulse …

Amazon Is Overtaking Home Improvement

We all put a high value on our home because we see it as our haven, not only from all the elements but as our refuge where we feel loved and safe together with the people we love. We spend a great deal of our time within the four corners of our home especially when the elements are raging and when night time falls, it is why most homeowners don’t stop improving their homes once they are built. Maintenance services will be necessary as well.

From the moment the house is up, there are various ways it can still be improved. Various home accessories and fixtures are added and even the lawn can be beautified to make it more appealing to the eyes of the public. Aside from that, home improvement also increases your home’s value for when the time comes you decide to sell it. Homeowners all over the