Kids Learn Computer Coding Through Games

The world we now live in is not just technologically-advanced, almost everyone living today is also technologically-oriented. Most of us use technology in various aspects of our lives. From school, work, to leisure activities, if often entails the use of various tech gadgets that have evolved to become a staple in your daily life. Even young kids are tech-savvy and know better how to operate a smartphone than most older adults these days. Well, it is not surprising considering they have been born in an era where these gadgets are virtually all around them unlike a few decades ago when they were still unheard of.

And because computers make the world go round, it is but a must to learn more about what makes computers work. The best time to learn about coding is while you are still young. Young kids today will be able to learn more about coding through innovative and creative games that are designed to teach their young minds about the ins and outs of a computer. The games are not only informative but also a fun way to learn about coding without making them feel pressured or threatened.

A common belief is that people who write computer code must be good at math and logic. However, software engineers say that creativity is also an important quality for coding.

Software developers in the American state of California, have created a game called Osmo Coding Jam. The game is designed to help children use the creative side of their minds as they learn to code.

Children can play the game on tablets. In one activity, they make music by moving physical tiles with symbols. The tablet then reads the combination of tile symbols as commands to execute and create music.

Tanya Dodge is the mother of two children, nine-year-old Dylan and his 11-year-old sister Meghan, who play the game. According to her, these activities give them important skills for the future.

“It’s an analytical skill that the kids are going to need to have as they grow up in this new era,” said Dodge.


There is a creative side to coding that is highlighted in this game that students can enjoy playing with. Computer experts today understand that the idea of learning about computers isn’t always an easy one, which is why this coding game is made into as creative as it can be so that their young minds won’t feel intimidated into learning this new skill. Parents also see the importance of their children learning more about coding as they realize it is important for them to succeed later in life and stay competitive in a tight global market.

A Virginia Tech professor is changing the way coding looks, using video games to teach kids as young as elementary school how to code.

Most school-aged children don’t have the first idea about how to code or write JavaScript, but they are learning how to read and write. That basic English is the knowledge that the Game Changineer program uses.

Michael Hsiao, a professor in electrical and computer engineering, said the idea came to him in 2012. Since then, he’s been taking simple commands and making them a reality.

“Not everybody knows how to program and learning to program typically takes a long time,” Hsiao said. “Nearly everybody knows how to read and write, so I thought it would be very cool to turn English sentences into computer programming.”


Kids learn all these basic computer commands and string them together into making a creative and informative video game that they can play with at home. It takes time and constant practice to gain a better understanding of coding and these games are the perfect avenue for them to make mistakes and enhance their knowledge and understanding of programming. It won’t take long before these young kids start building their own websites and even more innovative games that will showcase their skills, and who knows, they might even make a living from this computer know-how someday.

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