The Dangers Of Eating Fastfood

Modern living indulged us in various comforts we have grown accustomed to. Gone were the days when we made an effort in living. Today, we are merely existing (or perhaps more aptly subsisting). Aside from modern gadgets that keep us entertained 24/7, one of the things we have likewise sacrificed is a healthy meal. Eating healthy home-cooked dishes are often reserved for occasions and they are far in between. We now survive on fastfood, junks, sweets, preserved and canned foods that lack nutritional value and may even be dangerous to our health.

Can you imagine what the food you now eat does to your body if they are heavily laden with grease, sugar, or additives you are totally clueless of? And now, we are taken aback by how rampant cancer is when we no longer nourish our bodies but simply sustain it. And not only are most foods cancerous but they also contain many whatnots you should probably know about before it becomes too late for you to do something about it.

The documentary Super Size Me has taught an important lesson to thousands of high school health classes: fast food isn’t good for you. (We’re not kidding—here are six weird effects fast food has on your brain.) But that’s a given, par for the course danger when walking into your average mass-produced eatery. Things will never get as bad as the conditions in The Jungle, right?

Think again.

BBC One’s Watchdog team tested the ice at 30 restaurants in the U.K., and the results are pretty nasty. Fecal matter was detected in ice for drinks at three McDonald’s, six Burger Kings, and seven KFC’s.

Four of the samples from Burger King and five at KFC had levels reported as “significant,” because apparently, it’s possible to have an “insignificant” amount of poo in your cola.


Yes, it is real. There may be poo (or fecal matter) and other live matters in the food you eat or the beverages you drink. It’s the price we have to pay for modern comfort and living. The dangers are real and you unconsciously compromise your health and well-being just to maintain your on-the-go lifestyle. You only have one body to last a lifetime, so at least make an effort to look after it because you won’t have second chances when you are already lying on your death bed.

“We must begin by realising and assessing the effects of junk food and extra weight in our bodies.  If you have bad eating habits, regardless of age, the effects begin to show. You may develop some discomforts in the body like indigestion, or bloated stomach, heart burn, extra weight, obesity, allergy or unexplained tiredness. The body is the most complicated system in this universe. Metabolic reactions in the body need proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro- and micro- elements and other nutrients. An increased amount of certain ingredients at the expense of others can lead to a dis-balance in biochemical reactions and gradually lead to different diseases,” she adds.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of consuming junk food mindlessly is the fact that its effects are invisible and do not always show up immediately. The doctor notes that foods that are deep fried or smoked contain a very high amount of calories from fat or carbohydrates, a lot of unsaturated and processed fats that increase low-density lipoproteins – “bad” cholesterol. The good fat is saturated fat.


The experts have spoken. You don’t do your body any favor by simply subsisting on fastfood day in and day out. You not only gain weight and become obese later on but have to deal with a long list of ailments and complications brought about by your unhealthy diets like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Instead of nurturing your body from the inside out, fastfood gradually poisons your body despite its appetizing taste and appearance. Nothing beats a healthy home-cooked and balanced meal made from organic and healthy ingredients that satisfy your hunger but also provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by your body to grow strong and healthy until the twilight of your life.

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