A Better Grasp of Medical Cannabis

Things have changed a lot that the much-stigmatized use of marijuana is now gradually becoming more widely accepted by society. Several US states have passed laws legalizing the use of either or both recreational and medical marijuana, especially that more studies are being done to prove its safety, efficacy, and many health benefits. It’s actually the various chemicals in the marijuana plant that helps in the treatment of several ailments and symptoms that have sparked debates in the medical community and even in society at large whether its benefits far outweighs the initial stigma of the plant or is there really nothing to be worried about?

Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the public is eager to learn more not only about things like glass bongs and water pipes, but also about marijuana in general especially the ones diagnosed with cancer and epilepsy or degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain sufferers like those with Arthritis and various muscle spasms. It helps to refresh yourself on the benefits you can get from medical cannabis to help you determine whether you can benefit from it too.

If Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is to succeed, it will need the participation of hundreds —  if not thousands — of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists willing to provide cannabis recommendations for patients.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is planning to release the final regulations this week (before July 28) spelling out the rules for professionals. To prepare physicians and others with questions about the science behind the medical use of cannabis, Thomas Jefferson University and Temple University are joining forces to present a “Medical Cannabis Education Tour” around the state.

“It’s a primer for health providers who might be on the fence,” said Kevin Provost, CEO of  Greenhouse Ventures, which is organizing the events. “We’ll also address what doctors, nurses, and pharmacists need to understand about how the human body is wired to receive this medicine.”

(Via: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/cannabis/medical-cannabis-education-tour-launches-tuesday-in-philly-20170724.html)

Now more than ever, everyone who is interested in learning more about medical cannabis should look into it further especially if you have been looking for a solution to health conditions that you’ve been battling for the longest time. Medical cannabis may not be perfect but there are countless claims about how it has improved the quality of their lives.

The 2 million-member American Legion this spring got involved in a big way by launching a campaign to reduce marijuana restrictions, which it says hurt veterans and may aggravate a suicide epidemic.

The move reflects the changing politics of marijuana, and of a conservative, century-old veterans service organization facing new challenges as its membership grows with those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We were hearing these compelling stories from veterans about how cannabis has made their lives better,” said Joseph Plenzler, a spokesman for the American Legion. “That they were able to use it to get off a whole cocktail of drugs prescribed by VA doctors, that it is helping with night terrors, or giving them relief from chronic pain.”

(Via: http://www.governing.com/topics/politics/tns-trump-veterans-marijuana.html)

You can not blame the public to look for solutions to perennial problems they had to deal with for years now. The medical community can barely manage these conditions and it is the patients that ultimately suffer. But now, they have an opportunity to live a healthy and quality life and no longer succumb to the symptoms of these ailments with the help of medical cannabis. If research proves that marijuana can do all these, then there’s no reason to prevent people from gaining access to this medicinal plant. It is even gaining a lot of support from war veterans who now suffer from all sorts of pains and sickness that only medical cannabis has alleviated so far.

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