How Microsoft PCs Turned The Tide In Their Favor

We all know that technology is evolving. Hence, saying that the technology decades ago are outdated is an understatement. Let me borrow a quote from Belle of Disney fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, “it’s absolutely primeval” aptly describes gadgets older than ten years. Not only are their specifications not up to par with the demands of the times but the graphics and many other exterior features aren’t that appealing either.

Microsoft has its fair share of struggles in the world of business. They may have made millions developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling PC software and other PC-related goods and services to other PC companies but their own foray into selling their own PC line wasn’t also well received by the public. They lost hundreds of millions of dollars for all the Surface computers they weren’t able to sell, which was made worse by their Nokia acquisition …

Smoking Black Friday: Bongs, Water Pipes, Dab Rigs And More!

Alright, so it’s Black Friday week. Which is stupid, of course, as Black Friday is supposed to be a DAY, and not a week, but what can you do?

I’ll tell you what you can do… You can go save yourself a whack of cash. Simple, easy as pie. Get out there and save, or even better, just surf the web – let’s let the suckers troll the malls for crappy gear.

Each year, I try to do a Black Friday sales special, and this year is absolutely no exception. This year, we take one of my favorite things of the year (smoking and dabbing, of course), and find the sale on the coolest, best looking smoking devices and bongs available. So, we have Thick Ass Glass.

A Little About TAG

Thick Ass Glass, or TAG as they are also called, are one of the best online headshops around. These guys literally have the cleanest set of water pipes and bongs on the web, but the most important point to make is that these are all heavy glass bongs. Like, if someone breaks into your house, pick up your TAG bong and hit them with it. It’s practically a guarantee that the bong survives.

Basic fact: TAG tends to have water pipes that are made with AT LEAST 5mm thick glass, with some pieces using 7, 9, 12 and 14mm glass! What this means is that the key bugaboo for virtually any smoker, i.e. breaking your bong during a session, is virtually nonexistent. That’s right, you literally have to try as hard as possible to break a Thick Ass Glass water pipe or dab rig. I kid you not, as I’ve owned many of their pieces for years, and no matter the drop, the glass pipes these dudes make just live on.

At any rate, TAG is having a huge Black Friday sale… that means like 30% off of everything in the store (and this is a very low priced store to begin with!). So I thought I’d take a look at a few of their winners. Let’s start with…

Cheap Water Pipes And Bongs

We all have different tastes, I know, but I’m more of a flower guy than a dab guy. So my bong picks are ones that I frankly will be selecting from when I give myself my annual Christmas gift (can’t exactly ask my Mom for a bong, now can I?). TAG’s huge bong collection is here. Here are my top 3 picks:

TAG 14" Beaker Bong1. The TAG 14″ Beaker Bong – Yep, it’s a classic. Nothing brings me back to the good ol’ days like this classic beaker water pipe, a throwback to the time when clear scientific glass was king, and everything wasn’t some kind of brutal tie-dye hippie-dippy design. This bong is a beauty in terms of minimalism, and foregoes one of TAG’s main skills – that being percolators. Instead, you get a classic diffusing downstem, and some of the thickest glass (9mm) I’ve ever seen in this style of beaker water pipe. This one is top of my list, and I may be picking it up sooner than later!

2. The 16″ Double Honeycomb To Spinning Splashguard – This thing is an absolute beast of percolation power. Not only are we talking about a 16″ tall mega bong – we are also talking 7mm glass with a 15mm base. That is some practically unbreakable bong action right there, friends, and the smoothness of the hits is virtually guaranteed. Honeycomb percs are easily a favorite of mine (they also do a few fritted disc classics as well), and the spinning splashguard can provide quite a show. But don’t believe me… watch the video below, man!

3. The 12″ Single Honeycomb To Fixed 8 Arm Tree – OK, so this one sports a spinning splashguard as well, meaning three percs for a bong that comes to under $100. This is a winner for those that like their water pipes smaller, but still a good size. The glass is a little thinner here at 4mm, but come on, folks! Not only is it an amazing 14mm jointed piece, it can be had with colored glass accents for only 80ish dollars. What’s not to love here?

Tips For Marketing Success

The market is becoming more globally-competitive than ever. With the rise of the Internet came an open avenue where everyone with enough computer know-how and capital can take advantage of the benefits offered by the web and market their product or services to reach a wider audience. Marketing isn’t for everyone, though, and not all the time your strategies may work because the market is constantly changing. Hence, you should educate yourself about effective sales marketing because while not everyone is born a great salesperson, you can learn the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in marketing your business.

Conventional sales marketing and strategy is no longer effective in making your mark in a market as competitive like what we have now. You need to consider that technology is a big factor in today’s world for any business to stay relevant and successful regardless of your niche. There …

Why Male Authors Use Generic Nom De Plumes

Books are something else, right? They give us a glimpse of various stories and situations that make our imagination run wild. Authors also have their mark and we can easily tell what the novel will be like by simply knowing who the author is. And just like any celebrity, there are certain authors that we follow and idolize and collect all his/her books. Most of the time we don’t really care that much as to the author’s gender because it is the book’s contents we are really interested in.

Today, there is news making its round on the web about male authors using gender-neutral names to hide their gender from their readers. But just what is all the fuss? And why are these male authors even doing this? What triggered them to hide their gender from the public? Is it really necessary in order for them to sell books? This …

Kids Learn Computer Coding Through Games

The world we now live in is not just technologically-advanced, almost everyone living today is also technologically-oriented. Most of us use technology in various aspects of our lives. From school, work, to leisure activities, if often entails the use of various tech gadgets that have evolved to become a staple in your daily life. Even young kids are tech-savvy and know better how to operate a smartphone than most older adults these days. Well, it is not surprising considering they have been born in an era where these gadgets are virtually all around them unlike a few decades ago when they were still unheard of.

And because computers make the world go round, it is but a must to learn more about what makes computers work. The best time to learn about coding is while you are still young. Young kids today will be able to learn more about …

Ignoring Children’s Mental Health

Parents are often fussy about their child especially new parents. They often take their kids to the doctor when they have the fever or the flu but rarely do they wonder about their children’s state of mental health. The term mental health in itself is a vague one and most parents and carers have no idea what it encompasses and what the dangers are. Children’s mental health actually includes emotional and developmental milestones and developing positive social skills that children will need as they grow old and are crucial in solving the many problems life throws at them.

In order to become a normal, healthy, and sociable adult, parents should not ignore their child’s social health to help them develop to their full potential. Unfortunately, there are various factors that can affect a child mental state and not all the time they will be showered with love and affection and …

Why Nobody Talks About Child Sex Abuse

As a society, we look after the needs of young children and protect them from harm. In a normal world, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, we don’t live in a normal one and today are dangerous times too. The majority acknowledges that you are not safe on the streets anymore and even in your home too as technology creeps further into our safe haven. The first ones to get harassed are the vulnerable groups and that include children.

The issue of child abuse is ever growing as violence become common among people especially that they see it on the news day in and day out. And even if it eludes your understanding, there are certain individuals that are just jerks or perverts that takes delight in the pain and suffering of others. It’s even worse if the subject of their fantasies is young kids that shouldn’t be …

The Perils Of the Kenyan Cholera Outbreak

There are a lot of things people like us living in big progressive cities for granted such as clean water, an abundance of food, available healthcare services, etc. Meanwhile, people from other parts of the globe struggle to even have access to food, water, and other basic commodities. And as if the African drought and famine ravaging various parts of Africa right now aren’t enough to make the lives of millions of Africans miserable, there is now the bigger problem of cholera that they are now facing and is putting their health at grave risk.

Nairobi is hit by a cholera outbreak that has stripped all African food handlers their medical licenses. Over 300 cases of cholera have been reported over the last three months. Then, the problem about drug resistance has also surfaced making treatment doubly harder than it already is. Cholera is actually no longer new in the …

Nanobots For Your Health

The world is changing. Everywhere around us looks different than it used to and many changes still take place with each passing day. If there is one thing that is constant, though, it is us humans. Our presence in the world is one of the constant things here aside from death and taxes. Yet even us are evolving. We became more complacent and tech-dependent. We rarely move around because we can’t think of anything better to do than to tinker with our smartphones in the comfort of our couch or bed. It’s the new vice most people have and it truly is addicting.

No wonder human health is deteriorating. More and more people get diagnosed with chronic and debilitating conditions. Even cancer is widespread already. Blame it on our unhealthy lifestyle or perhaps poor choices in just about everything. While technology has proved to be disastrous for us in …

Does It Help To Still Be Charitable In Trump’s America?

Not everyone is naturally charitable especially when times are tough and others can barely afford to live decently. Doing random acts of kindness helps perpetuate charity even in our own little ways. You don’t always have to give a lot. Even the simple things matter to people who barely have anything to eat. In a nation like America, citizens are encouraged to be charitable. There are tax breaks they can take advantage of by sharing more of what they have to the less fortunate.

The truth is that most philanthropists and donors are rich businessmen and corporations. They not only help certain causes and uplift the lives of others who are desperate for help but they also help themselves by reducing their tax dues to the state. The bigger the tax break is, the more inclined people are to give and donate. And that is a big question now …