Why Nobody Talks About Child Sex Abuse

As a society, we look after the needs of young children and protect them from harm. In a normal world, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. However, we don’t live in a normal one and today are dangerous times too. The majority acknowledges that you are not safe on the streets anymore and even in your home too as technology creeps further into our safe haven. The first ones to get harassed are the vulnerable groups and that include children.

The issue of child abuse is ever growing as violence become common among people especially that they see it on the news day in and day out. And even if it eludes your understanding, there are certain individuals that are just jerks or perverts that takes delight in the pain and suffering of others. It’s even worse if the subject of their fantasies is young kids that shouldn’t be dragged into nasty stuff like these. Child sex abuse happens and you’d be surprised to find out how prevalent it is in today’s society. Most of the time, the child knows the predator and it hits close to home. If not, it can be someone they met online, which is not surprising as most kids nowadays are quite tech-savvy.

Indian scenario of child sex abuse
A study was conducted in 2012 by Ministry of Women and Child Development in
India covering 13 states. The study reported that about 21 per cent of the participants were exposed to extreme forms of sexual abuse. Among the participants who reported being abused, 57.3 per cent were boys and 42.7 per cent were girls, about 40 per cent were 5-12 years of age. About half of the participants were exposed to other forms of sexual abuse. The data was reported by the study on prevalence of various forms of sexual abuse.
Lack of parent child communication. Lack of proper mental and criminal verification of staff of schools and public institutes. Easy access to sexually exploitive materials. Lack of stronger social movements. Lack of awareness-to-action plan. Lack of initiatives by schools and authorities.

(Via: http://news.statetimes.in/alarming-increase-in-rate-of-child-sex-abuse-in-india/)

Nobody wants to talk about child sexual abuse. Period. That’s because it is absolutely ugly and disgusting. How can people do those things to innocent kids? How can they corrupt their young minds? Children don’t understand most sexual activities that adults engage in. Why not look for a grown-up and consenting partner instead? But then they’d say, where’s the fun in that? It’s totally sickening. When kids go through sexual abuse at their young age, they are scarred for life. They are left to deal with a sexual trauma that no amount of counseling may ever be able to erase or lessen over the years. Most of the times, cases happen inside the home, which makes it even doubly nauseating. But with the advanced technology we have these days, children can also fall prey to child predators on the web without them or their parents knowing.

When we forgive or make excuses for the behavior of perpetrators, we are contributing to the unravelling of society. The WHO has found a commonality between sexual violence and sleep difficulties, depression, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and even with trauma counseling, up to 50 percent of victims retain symptoms of stress. Children who have been victims of sexual violence do not go quietly into the night. They grow up. And they carry with them the cruel hand they have been dealt. Should we not be alarmed? Should we not say: “Not one more child”?

(Via: https://thediplomat.com/2017/09/not-one-more-child-dealing-with-sex-crimes-against-children-in-malaysia/)

As increasing cases of sexual abuse against children are reported all over the world, the authorities are becoming more vigilant in catching perpetrators and making sure they pay for their crimes and not one more child has to go through the same ordeal ever again. Children are meant to be loved and cared for, not become the object of some person’s perverted imagination. It’s bad enough that the child has to go through such a traumatic experience but having to go through it again or not getting the justice they deserve is a bigger injustice that society subjects them to. These cases have been going on for years and it is high time we step up and protect the rights of the child, if not just for their future but for the future of our nation.

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